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iLB Q1

User Manual

  • I would like the 'Ride Light' to stay on permanently
    To maximise effectiveness the Q1 is designed to trigger the ‘ride light’ when light levels are low. However, you can override the light sensor to make the ‘ride light’ stay on permanently. This can be achieved by placing a small sticker over the light sensor on the underside of the Q1 light body.
  • When fixed in place my Q1 light is pointing slightly upwards / downwards
    Located to the rear of the light body, between the charging port and the fastening straps, is a circular rubber cap. Carefully remove this rubber cap to reveal a fixing screw. Using a screwdriver, tighten this screw so that the fastening strap is fixed at your required position. Replace rubber cap.
  • My Q1 light is no longer responding to the wireless remote
    The Q1 and remote, as delivered, are paired. However, should a reset or restore take place, it may be necessary to perform the 3 Step pairing process as described in the User Manual. Step 1: Switch on the Q1. Step 2: Press and hold at the same time: the On/Off power button on the Q1 and the R button on the wireless remote. Step 3: After 3 seconds release the On/Off power button whilst continuing to hold the R button on the wireless remote. Indicator will light = PAIRED
  • I've lost / misplaced the rubber bung that covers the charging port
    1 x spare rubber bung is supplied in each iLB Q1 box
  • The power button has become stuck down with mud / dirt
    If mud and dirt is allowed to build up on the Q1, in some circumstances the power button can get stuck down. This means that the unit won’t switch on or off, it will just remain in state. The power button will click out when the blockage is cleared with a small amount of water and cleaning with a soft cloth. Preventative measures include a quick clean after long or off-road riding.
  • I require access to the inside of the wireless remote
    The wireless remote is powered by a lithium battery that does not require charging. After considerable time (+1 year) it may be neccessary to change the lithium battery. In rare heavy impact scenarios, mini screws can be knocked out of place inside the wireless remote. Q1 functionality should not be affected, however rattling may occur, this can be corrected by fixing the screws back in place. You can attempt these processes safely yourself by following the below instructional video.


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