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One app.

All new Q1 features.



The iLB Q1 Smart Tail Light app brings additional functionality to your Q1. Customise the light signalling presets to suit your riding style and preferences, and with your smartphone mounted on your handlebars checkout the live notifications of the Q1 turning indicators.

Whether you're quickly popping into the shops or grabbing a coffee, leaving your bike outside for a minute is an everyday risk. using the iLB app, you can arm your Q1 as an alarm. If your bike is moved the high-decibel warning bell will sound in loud bursts, you will also receive a live notification to your phone if the alarm is triggered. The alarm can only be de-activated via the iLB app.

Currently in beta-phase testing, upon release the iLB app will compatible with all Q1 models.


iLB app release coming soon.



Love your Q1? We want to hear about your day to day riding with your iLB, how it influences your interactions with other road users or how easy it was to get to grips with the Q1 features. Post your photos on Instagram using #iLBQ1 and tag @ilbtech

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